Dust Mites Killer

dustmitex_01Dust mites are related to ticks and are so small they cannot be seen by the naked eye. These tiny creatures live with humans and feed off of the abundant human skin cells that people shed each day. They are found among bedding and a few other surfaces, and are known to cause asthma and allergies. When they are spotted, the main priority is to kill dust mites. There are several ways to get rid of them, the most convenient and popular is by using a dust mite spray, like Dustmitex brand.






Dust mites usually live in mattresses but can be found in pillows, carpeting, cloth furniture, and even areas where pets sleep. Dust mites prefer places that are warm and humid, but have been found to live in cold weather, high altitudes, and even dry climates with barely any humidity. While male dust mites have short lifespans - a little less than three weeks, the female can live for longer than a month, and lay up to 100 eggs. Since they are so hard to find, and can double their size in no time, it is important to kill dust mites and keep them away from home.


Invisible To The Naked Eye

most people become aware of dust mites only after symptoms appear. People notice a flare up in allergy symptoms, and attribute it to an allergic reaction to pollen, or other factors. However, if anyone at home begins to notice that they have runny noses, watery eyes, constant sneezing, coughing, or congestion, it may be signs of dust mites. In addition, if asthma symptoms worsen, like difficulty breathing, wheezing, and trouble sleeping because of respiratory issues, call a doctor. Dust mites can also worsen eczema on the hands and face. Once dust mites are found, Dustmitex can kill dust mites with their Dustmite and Flea Control spray.
Once dust mites are suspected to be living in the home, purchasing dust mite spray can help kill dust mites. The Dustmitex brand Dustmite and Flea Control spray works well at ridding the home of dust mites. This pre-mixed spray can be used anywhere dust mites live, like carpeting and furniture. This dust mite spray kills the pests and works for six months. After the first application just spray again after six months to be sure that no dust mites exist. Dustmite and Flea Control spray works by coating food that dust mites feed on, thus effectively starving them. There were tests done that showed a marked decrease in dust mite population after a few weeks, and they were almost non-existent eight weeks after.